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My Approach

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"I am honored to be a guide and witness to my clients’ unique experiences of remembering their wholeness and opening up to new possibilities which deeply serve them."  ~Amy

Much of the work I gravitate towards comes from my deep belief in the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the heart. Combined with my clinical training in psychotherapy, my work is influenced by my love and respect for yoga, mindfulness, breath work and exploration of the spiritual.  My approach is integrative and client-centered, with a strong foundation in Attachment Theory and early childhood development.


My framework also includes mind-body awareness, using the somatic experiential modality called Hakomi. In Hakomi, limiting core beliefs can be accessed by mindfully bringing attention to the body and integrating emotions, images, sensations and memories, allowing for the development of new neural pathways, and thus new positively reinforcing experiences, to be formed. This tremendously effective modality offers clients a way to deepen into their experience with the guidance of a professional psychotherapist in a way that is gentle, yet profound.


My work is also informed by my social justice education and years of studying trauma and its individual and collective impact within the world.

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