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My journey to become a psychotherapist began over two decades ago when I opened a book which took me on a spiritual and psychological quest. This path led to a serious inquiry into my own suffering and a desire to connect with myself and others in a deeper and more meaningful way. This calling has bloomed a variety of life experiences, including working in non-profit, running a personal growth business and living and working in various countries. My deep love and respect for travel not only provided me with a much wider lens to see myself through, it also gave me the opportunity to see humanity in all its layers of love and fear. It was also during this time when I began to connect with trauma and its connection to our bodies. Through a passionate practice of yoga and dance, I was opened up to the vast interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit.


After many obstacles, life-altering experiences and immense synchronicity,  I found myself in San Francisco for the second time in my life. It was during my time in the Integral Psychology Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, when I truly felt my personal calling fitting with its professional match. I connected with my fellow tribe of seekers and a life’s calling as a psychotherapist. This excellent education, combined with the quality supervision and experience at Pierce Street Integral Counseling Center and The Marina Counseling Center gave me the strong clinical foundation and wings to expand into my heart’s work. Additionally, I have received certification in Hakomi Professional Skills Level 1 Training and Hakomi Couples Training, along with immersive work highlighting Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) all of which have intensely integrated my clinical studies with experiential learning.

"I am honored to be a guide and witness to my clients’ unique experiences of remembering their wholeness and opening up to new possibilities which deeply serve them."  ~Amy


The California Institute of Integral Studies ▪ Graduated 2019

San Francisco, CA ▪ MA-Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Integral Counseling Psychology

The University of Massachusetts ▪ Graduated 2001  

Amherst, MA ▪ BA-Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing 

Magna Cum Laude

  • Hakomi Professional Level 1 Certificate (2019)

  • Internal Family Systems workshop & training with Dr. Richard Schwartz (2020)

  • Hakomi Couples Completion Certificate (2018)

  • Somatic Experiencing workshop & training with Peter Levine (2018)

  • Holotropic Breathwork Experiential weekend course with Stanislav Grof (2017)

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